Symptom - Computer Won't Boot

    If your laptop continually restarts itself, doesn't load fully into the operating system or simply freezes while loading it usually indicates a crashing hard drive or virus. However, this type of problem can be caused by other problems such as bad memory or a failing motherboard. 
            Our technicians will diagnose the problem for you and suggest a remedy.  The cost for this repair varies greatly and we suggest bringing (or sending) your computer to us for the free diagnostic, at which point we can get you an exact quote for the repair.


    Computer Doesn't Boot Repair fixmypcrochester
    Computer Doesn't Boot fixmypcrochester
    Computer continually restarts  
    Computer Crash fixmypcrochester
    Computer doesn't load to the desktop  
    Computer Repair fixmypcrochester
    Error message while loading  
    Computer doesn't boot up
    Hanging / Freezing while booting  

    Possible Cause #1 - Virus / Spyware

    Virus infections can cause the operating system to become unstable. Severe infections can prevent you from running any programs at all and even cause the computer to crash while loading to the desktop. We offer multiple options to deal with virus infections depending on the situation.


    Virus Removal fixmypcrochester
    Viruses can corrupt your data  
    Viruses can prevent you from getting online  
    Viruses can cause permanent damage  
    Computer Repair fixmypcrochester - Won't Boot Possible Cause #2 - Failing Hard Drive

    A failing hard drive can be to blame if the computer doesn't boot. Common indicators are the machine continually restarts, file missing or corrupt errors, OS not found errors, clicking or grinding noises and more. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms turn off the computer and do not turn it on again until you can bring it in. You will cause further damage if you continue to use it.


    System Tune Up fixmypcrochester
    OS Not found errors  
    Computer Repair fixmypcrochester
    File missing or corrupt errors  
    Computer continually restarts  

    Possible Cause #3 - Other Hardware Failure

    Other issues can also cause this problems. Faulty memory, loose capacitors, liquid damage, electrical surges are among a few possible causes for the computer not to boot up. We'd recommend you bring the machine in for a free evaluation and our technicians will isolate the problem and provide you a solution


    Computer Repair fixmypcrochester
    Faulty memory chips  
    Liquid spills  
    Damaged motherboards  

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