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San Diego Bay Press
By Ian Daffern
  Yes, you can call and get repairs pretty quickly  
  Long-distance computer fix  

here's a new British sitcom called The IT Crowd that takes you behind the scenes of an office IT help desk. In a running gag, the team always answers the phone with "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"

But it's no joke. For those of us without the benefit of a help desk, particularly if you're running a small business, a tech shutdown can be devastating. You have two options: beg your long-suffering geek buddy to come over, or hump the box down to your local repair shop in a taxi.

But what if you didn't have to?

Adam Sanderson runs a company called Rochester Fix My PC (, a repair shop that specializes in remote service.

The Manhattan resident got into repairs three years ago, turning a hobby of being that go-to "tech guy" for his pals into a full-time job. As long as you can get a working Internet connection, Rochester Fix My PC says it can hook up to your machine to find out what's going on under the hood.

Fortunately, I happen to have a test subject. My trusty Compaq laptop has been slowing down for weeks.

But the panic sets in when I start to be hit by multiple appearances of the Blue Screen of Death. You know the one: your machine crashes while flashing a lightning-like imprint of skeletal words on your irises. "Corrupt." "Fatal." "Error." I still gives me chills.

"If you say to most people, 'You can fix it without having to bring it to me,' they don't believe it. You never have to give your computer to anybody," Sanderson says, his broad, friendly Brooklyn accent calming my panic. "People say, 'Fix it! I don't care how, just fix it!' They can go to work, so it's convenient. And they don't have to install any software."

After connecting to the website and clicking through a repair agreement, a diagnostic window pops up on my screen. Soon my cursor is moving around of its own accord.

"So that took about a minute and a half," Sanderson says.

It's a bit eerie to watch as my cursor clicks its way through a number of windows, running a number of tests.

"Oof! Your computer is in pretty bad shape."

Not reassuring, considering that he does this for a living. Then again, it's not the worst case.

"This one guy had a Windows 98 machine that had been passed through three or four people. It had 4,500 infections, the most I'd ever seen. When we gave it back to him, he was like, 'Wow! This thing is flying!'"

While we're talking, before Anderson can even finish the diagnostic scan, we're hit by that familiar flash of blue.

"The legend of the screen of death has arisen because it's usually a hardware problem. It usually means something in there needs to be replaced. It's not an easy fix."

Sanderson tries again, rebooting from safe mode, running from DOS, but it's no use. After some clinical questions about a power cord I should have replaced months ago, Sanderson says it must be a hardware issue – the one thing he can't fix.

But I'm not done yet. The laptop may be dead weight, but I've got another corpse in the closet we can resuscitate. Sanderson says, "Well, I like a challenge."

And a challenge he'll get with this monster motherfucker. I gave up on it a year ago, convinced that it was so choked by spyware, it would never type again. I set it up, but before it even loads there's a sick groan from the fan working up the steam to boot up.

The beast is alive, but I still need some coaching to get it online. And that's when things get tricky. After a bit of poking around, Sanderson opens a window and finds out what the real problem is.

"So what you're running is Windows XP."

"Am I?"

"Well, what you have here is like a Pentium II running at about 300 megahertz, about half the minimum requirements."

"And that means…."

"Well, it's like trying to put a Corvette engine in a Fiat. We're not even doing anything but running the computer, just turning it on, and running XP is choking this thing to death."

Ah. Rochester Fix My PC still seems like a good option for most people. It also offers a number of different performance upgrades and a monthly maintenance program that Sanderson describes as "your own personal help desk."

As for me, I'm thinking of kicking these PCs to the curb and getting myself a Mac.   the end








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At Fix My PC, our mission is to provide quality value based expertise, to provide one of a kind scientific diagnostics using state of the art equipment, to provide repair services using high end technologies, and to help bridge the digital divide.

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Our certified experts at Fix My PC maintain their knowledge through ongoing extensive industry research and testing of current as well as future trends in computers and electronics.


Your trust is important to us as we provide you with scientific diagnostics using state of the art equipment, personalized repair service using special high end technologies, and educated recommendations to reduce future risks.


Intelligent discussion, not high-pressure sales, is our tool to help give you the best value and return on investment for your repair service.


Fix My PC technical experts collectively have provided decades of experience in IT service and repair for commercial businesses, organizations, and other industry giants in the auto, construction, education, finance, Fortune 500, government, health care, manufacturing, real estate, telecommunication industry as well as other various industries.


Fix My PC offers choices in custom solutions designed to fit your needs with a comprehensive line of services and support options for all your computer and electronic repairs.

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*We are a full " In- House" service center.

*We provide quick computer repair service and upgrades.

*e 100+ certifications decades of experience and expertise.

*e a culture that is felt immediately where you get a sense of real repair service and not commercial sales.

*We are more interested in maintaining your existing machines or finding custom solutions for upgrades as needed rather than out right selling new systems.

*We prefer to consult with you to figure out your exact needs and offer objective suggestions reflecting our extensive knowledge from decades of experience.

Important Advice

Before You Choose A Repair Technician

*Ask for proof of qualifications ! (Ask your repair person to show you why they are qualified to service your item).

*Ask for proof of certifications! (There are hundreds of repair shops who have no certifications nor do they have any right to service your item). At Fix My PC, e over 150 lifetime certifications to back up the comprehensive line of services and support option offered; and e serviced hundreds of items just like yours.

*Ask for proof of at least three previous repair jobs they have completed.

*Ask for proof of at least three references with phone numbers and call at least one for authenticity.

Before You Pay Anyone

*Again, ASK FOR CERTIFICATIONS & PLEASE TAKE HEED TO OUR ADVICE! ( Do not let an unqualified and uncertified person who may have failed at everything else in life service your item. Without credentials, they can pose a high risk of to your item).

*Ask, DO THEY HAVE A PUBLIC SERVICE CENTER? Fix My PC service center is located at 1379 WEST RIDGE ROAD (WE ARE MOVING TO A NEW LOCATION DECEMBER 31st. It is 1379 Wets Ridge Road across from Home Depot). We offer 24/7 call support. ( It is never a good idea to go to a house, basement, or garage of someone who claim to be a repair man. Why put yourself at risk of danger, scam, and liability?)..

*GET A written CONTRACT with a price quote and PROOF they are a LEGAL BUSINESS ( Tax ID Number).

Without the above items and practices, You have no legal obligation to pay them.


You BECOME the employer and you can be found responsible for any injuries or loses they suffer while working on your electronics.

Thats Right!

For example, if they simply fall on your front walk you are responsible. If they so much as cut their finger and need stickes the same rules apply.