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Try our no hassle

no fuss or muss

You dont even have to move your computer

We will fix your software problems romotely

rates start at $99

and are performed 24 7


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    Try our no hassle

    no fuss or muss

    You dont even have to move your computer

    We will fix your software problems romotely

    rates start at $99

    and are performed 24 7


    Have Credit/debit card ready

    Call 585-473-3757








Fix My PC Computer & Electronic Service Center

As a full service center, Fix My PC provides quality computer repairs and services to
Macbook Repair fixmypcrochester - Free Diagnostics
We offer FREE on the spot diagnostics. Upon arrival at our store a technician will evaluate your Macbook Pro and advise the best course of action.
Click here for more info
MacBook Repair fixmypcrochester - Operating System Install / HD Clone
We can wipe your Macbook Pro clean and start fresh or we can clone your current drive to a larger one. With a clean install we'll re-install your current operating system and do all the system updates. Click here for more info
MacBook Repair fixmypcrochester - OS / HD Clone
All Models $149  
Replacement Screen for Macbook Pro (All Models)

     Congratulations, a cracked screen is almost always caused by laptop abuse.  We know you’ve treated your computer rough but it’s time for a new start, right?  The screen inside your laptop is akin to a plasma TV and just as expensive. The good news is that usually rest of the laptop including all of your valuable data is unaffected by a broken screen.
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Macbook Repair fixmypcrochester - Screen Replacements
    Macbook Pro LCD Screen Replacement
LCD Screens  
13" LCD $249
    Macbook Pro LED Screen Replacement
LED Screens  
13" LED $199
Prices include parts and installation.



Replacement Hard Drives for Macbook

If you'd like to upgrade your existing hard drive we can easily clone everything from your smaller drive to a larger one. Upon completion your Mac Pro will be exactly the same as it was with the original drive only with more capacity.

Your Mac Pro needs to be working normally in order for us to clone your drive. See below for computers that are not booting up....

If your Macbook is not booting up, stays stuck on the spinning wheel, is flashing a question mark or is making a clicking or grinding noise they your hard drive is most likely failing.
Click here for more info
Macbook Pro Repair fixmypcrochester - Hard Drive Upgrades
Western Digital Hard Drives    
Prices include installation and transfer of all your data from the old drive to the new one or a fresh installation of Snow Leopard 10.6 Western Digital Macbook Pro Hard Drive Upgrade
160GB Western Digital $179
320GB Western Digital $189
500GB Western Digital $209
Solid State Macbook Pro Hard Drive\
120GB Solid State Drive $399
256GB Solid State Drive $799
Macbook hard drive prices include OS install / data migration.
Macbook Logic Board Repair

Lucky you -- repairing this problem is often the most expensive repair we offer. If your Mac Pro is not powering on, crashes randomly, overheats, shuts off randomly, freezes, won't detect USB or Firewire ports, kernel panics or otherwise just acts strange it usually indicates a problem with the motherboard.

Click here for more info

Original Macbook White or Black Casing
Logicboard Repair $329  
New Macbook Unibody 13"
13" Logicboard Repair $349  
Additional Fees May Apply on Logic Board Repairs
Replacement CD/DVD Super Drives for Macbook
If your drive no longer accepts discs or perhaps it is only reading CD's and not DVD's then it is time to replace it.
Click here for more info
Macbook Repair fixmypcrochester - Super Drive
8x DL Super Drive for Original Macbook $225  
8x DL Super Drive for New Macbook $245  
Prices include parts and installation.
Macbook Pro Password Reset
If you forgot the password to your Mac Pro or for some reason you can no longer login to your account don't worry, we can clear the passwords. Click here for more info
Macbook Pro Repair fixmypcrochester - Password Reset
All Models $129  
Macbook Pro Memory Upgrades
Memory upgrade a the most inexpensive way to quickly boost the performance of your Mac.
Click here for more info
Macbook Upgrades fixmypcrochester - Memory
1GB $79  
2GB (2x1GB) $149  
4GB (2x2GB) * 2007 & later only $199  
MacBook DC-In Board
Not getting power from your cord anymore?
A faulty DC board could be to blame. Click here for more info
DC-In Board $229  
Prices include parts and installation.
MacBook Keyboards & Casings
Did you spill something on your keyboard and now none of the vowels work or maybe you have a nasty dent or scratch on your casing? We can easily replace the keyboards and outer casing returning your laptop to a brand new cosmetic condition. Click here for more info

Macbook Original - White/Black Models
Top Casing & Keyboard $189  
Bottom Case 13" $149  
Macbook UniBody - White
Top Casing & Keyboard $229  
Bottom Casing $179  
***Not available for MacBook Pro Unibody or Late Model Macbooks
Prices include parts and installation.










Macbook Hinges
Includes replacing one or both hinges. Click here for more info
Macbook Repair fixmypcrochester - Replacement Hinges
13" Hinge Replacement $229  
Prices include parts and installation.






Mac Pro - Other Issues
 Got a problem that seems to show up more randomly then that old “friend”?  Well that’s what the free diagnostic is for: our technicians will toil away on your computer to isolate the problem for you.  Simply bring the computer (or send) it into us and we’ll provide you with a diagnosis and the cost to fix the computer.
Click here for more info
Mac Pro Repair fixmypcrochester - Other Issues
Free Diagnostics on All Models! $0  

Happy New Years!

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Rentals Laptop Rental fixmypcrochester
One day rentals from $49
Mac & PC Rentals
Rental during repair


Laptop Clearance Cheap Laptops

PCs' starting at $129

Laptops starting at $189

Macbooks starting at $399
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iPhone & iPad Repairs fixmypcrochester iPod Repairs
Batteries from $29
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iPad & iPhones Repaired
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Rochester Fix My PC Computers Store Hours
Monday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Saturday 10:00PM - 5:00PM

on call 24 7 for emergency service at 585-473-3757


At Fix My PC Rochester, If it has a plug we fix it!






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Our Mission

At Fix My PC, our mission is to provide quality value based expertise, to provide one of a kind scientific diagnostics using state of the art equipment, to provide repair services using high end technologies, and to help bridge the digital divide.

1379 West Ridge Rd. Rochester, NY 14615 585-473-3757

Rochester - Computer Repair

Did You Know?

Fix My PC is a locally ownedcomputer and electronic repair facility.

You are neighbors with Fix My PC if you live in the surrounding area of Rochester and Monroe County, NY.

When you come to Fix My PC, you help improve your local economy and not an economy overseas.

At Fix My PC, we care about the repairs we provide. Whenever and as often as possible, our owners personally inspect each and every job we do!Rochester - Computer Repair


Fix My PC Guiding Principles


Our certified experts at Fix My PC maintain their knowledge through ongoing extensive industry research and testing of current as well as future trends in computers and electronics.


Your trust is important to us as we provide you with scientific diagnostics using state of the art equipment, personalized repair service using special high end technologies, and educated recommendations to reduce future risks.


Intelligent discussion, not high-pressure sales, is our tool to help give you the best value and return on investment for your repair service.


Fix My PC technical experts collectively have provided decades of experience in IT service and repair for commercial businesses, organizations, and other industry giants in the auto, construction, education, finance, Fortune 500, government, health care, manufacturing, real estate, telecommunication industry as well as other various industries.


Fix My PC offers choices in custom solutions designed to fit your needs with a comprehensive line of services and support options for all your computer and electronic repairs.

What Sets Fix My PC Apart From Others?

*We are a full " In- House" service center.

*We provide quick computer repair service and upgrades.

*e 100+ certifications decades of experience and expertise.

*e a culture that is felt immediately where you get a sense of real repair service and not commercial sales.

*We are more interested in maintaining your existing machines or finding custom solutions for upgrades as needed rather than out right selling new systems.

*We prefer to consult with you to figure out your exact needs and offer objective suggestions reflecting our extensive knowledge from decades of experience.

Important Advice

Before You Choose A Repair Technician

*Ask for proof of qualifications ! (Ask your repair person to show you why they are qualified to service your item).

*Ask for proof of certifications! (There are hundreds of repair shops who have no certifications nor do they have any right to service your item). At Fix My PC, e over 150 lifetime certifications to back up the comprehensive line of services and support option offered; and e serviced hundreds of items just like yours.

*Ask for proof of at least three previous repair jobs they have completed.

*Ask for proof of at least three references with phone numbers and call at least one for authenticity.

Before You Pay Anyone

*Again, ASK FOR CERTIFICATIONS & PLEASE TAKE HEED TO OUR ADVICE! ( Do not let an unqualified and uncertified person who may have failed at everything else in life service your item. Without credentials, they can pose a high risk of to your item).

*Ask, DO THEY HAVE A PUBLIC SERVICE CENTER? Fix My PC service center is located at 1379 WEST RIDGE ROAD (WE ARE MOVING TO A NEW LOCATION DECEMBER 31st. It is 1379 Wets Ridge Road across from Home Depot). We offer 24/7 call support. ( It is never a good idea to go to a house, basement, or garage of someone who claim to be a repair man. Why put yourself at risk of danger, scam, and liability?)..

*GET A written CONTRACT with a price quote and PROOF they are a LEGAL BUSINESS ( Tax ID Number).

Without the above items and practices, You have no legal obligation to pay them.


You BECOME the employer and you can be found responsible for any injuries or loses they suffer while working on your electronics.

Thats Right!

For example, if they simply fall on your front walk you are responsible. If they so much as cut their finger and need stickes the same rules apply.