Managed Services fixmypcrochester

      Hourly Plans
    If you just need someone for a few hours we offer non-contract hourly rates. These rate are billed in one hour increments and can be used as needed. This service is useful for small one time projects .

    Hourly Plans
    Remote Service Rate  
    Per Hour $99  
    On-Site Service Rate  
    Per Hour $149/Hr  
    On-site or Remotely
    Ideal for single issues
    Coverage 96th - Battery Park Mon-Fri | 9am-5pm
    No Travel Fees No contracts

    Block Hour Plans
    For clients who don't need someone every week or month our block hour plans are a great option. These plans offer a discounted hourly rate and are sold in block of 10, 15, 25 and 50 hours. With this plan you become a priority client with guaranteed response times, remote support, help desk service & online incident tracking.

    Block Hour Plans
    Hours Rate Investment
    10/Hr $125 $1250
    15/Hr $109 $1635
    25/Hr $95 $2375
    50/Hr $79 $3950
    Guaranteed Response Time
    Ideal for small offices
    Valid for one year Priority Client Status
    Pay for what you need Virus & Spyware Protection


    Annual Plans

    Our annual service plans provide on-going coverage for a one year period. You purchase a set number of hours for each month. Any hours not used during that month will roll over and will accumulate for a one year period. These plans are ideal for businesses that will require on-site support on a daily/weekly basis.

    Annual Plans
    Monthly Hours Rate Investment
    10/Hr $119 $1190/Month
    15/Hr $109 $1635/Month
    25/Hr $99 $2475/Month
    50/Hr $79 $3950/Month
    Priority Response Time
    Emergency Hours
    Server System Monitoring Virus & Spyware Monitoring
    Data Backup Monitoring Online Incident Tracking

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