iPhone 5 Repair

    Though we try to protect our iPhones as much as possible, sometimes accidents happen which cause the glass to crack and break. As frustrating as this can be, there is a simple solution. Send your broken iPhone to our certified technicians for a complete glass restoration. Here at Rochester Fix My PC , we're experts at putting the pieces back in place to make your iPhone look and operate like new again.

    iPhone 5 Repair Price List

    $109 Digitizer Repair $149 Liquid Damage Repair
    $109 LCD Repair $99 Home Button Replacement
    $99 Battery Replacement $99 Power Button Repair
    $99 Headphone Jack Repair $129 Camera Replacement

    FREE Pickup Within Manhattan Below 96th St.

    Place your order online and we'll send you a a courier to pickup your phone from your home or office as fast as possible.
    Available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, must be schedule by 11am for as fast as possible return.

    iPhone Repair | 5 Screen/Digitizer Replacement

    If you dropped your iPhone and broke the glass then you need a replacement iPhone digitizer. This repair will restore your iPhone screen back to perfect working condition. These repairs generally take about one hour to complete and can be done while you wait. We use top quality parts an guarantee our work for 90 days.



    5 Screen Replacement
    iPhone Digitizer Repair fixmypcrochester
    New 5 Screen
    Installed in 1 hour    
    iPhone Repair | 5 Liquid Damage Repair

    If you spilled something on your iPhone or got it wet somehow we can attempt a iPhone motherboard repair to repair the the phone. The liquid damage repairs are very complex and time consuming. On average it will take 3-5 days for liquid damage repair to be completed on most iPhone. As always, you only pay if the repair is successful.


    iPhone Liquid Damage
    Water damage iPhone Repair
    Repair Liquid Damage
    3-5 Days    

    iPhone Repair | 5 Battery Replacement

    Juice Up! With a brand new battery you'll take a boost in battery life. Our batteries are high capcity and will give you the battery life you need to keep your phone running for hours and hours.


    iPhone 5 Battery
    iPhone battery replacement
    New 5 Battery    
    Installed in 1 hour    

    iPhone Repair | 5 Camera Replacement

    Perhaps your camera is blurry, distrorted or not working at all. Our iPhone repair techs can replace your camera in less than one hour and get you snapping photos again in no time at all.


    iPhone 5 Camera
    iPhone Camera Repair fixmypcrochester
    New 5 Camera    
    Installed in 1 hour    

    iPhone Repair | 5 Home Button Replacement

    Do you have to press the home button many time to get it to repsond? Does it not work at all? Maybe it's just sticking or clicking more than it used to. We can replace the home button and get your phone back to perfect working condition.


    iPhone Home Button
    iPhone Home Button Repair
    New 5 Home Button
    Insatlled in 1 hour    

    iPhone Repair |5 On/Off Button

    Having diffiuctly turning your phone on and off? You're not alone, we fix many broken power buttons on all models of iPhones. Don't worrry about your phone constantly draining the battery anymore. A new power button will solve your problems.


    iPhone On/Off
    iPhone on off button repair
    New Power Button    
    Installed in 1 Hour    

    iPhone Repair | Headphone Jack Replacement

    Getting sound out of one ear? Perhaps, you dropped the phone and now the sound is distrorted or doesn't even work at all. We can quickly replace the headphone jack port on your phone and just your sound working once again.


    iPhone Headphone Jack
    iphone headphone jack repair fixmypcrochester
    5 Headphone Jack
    Installed in 1 hour    

    iPhone Repair | Software Repair Just $29

    If your iPhone stuck in recovery mode? Won't restore with iTunes? We can usually repair most software problems for just $29.


    iPhone Software
    5 Software Repair
    Done in 2-4 hours    



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