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Windows Server ConsultingVtesta Consultants Rochester Computer support services Windows Server consulting team has extensive experience in deploying and maintaining Microsoft Windows Server Systems including Windows Server 2008.  Our Windows Server consultants assist businesses in using servers to provide the infrastructure for information technology (IT) operations, security, application development and integration and collaboration. Miles Consulting Corp is a leading Microsoft Windows Server consulting firm nationwide.  Let Vtesta Consultants Rochester Computer support services's Windows Server experts help you get Windows Server functioning optimally in your business.

Windows Consulting Services:
  • Installation and Configuration of the OS
  • Server Security Audit and Lockdown 
  • Active Directory Design
  • Set up Windows Terminal Server
  • VPN Setup
  • Storage Area Network (SAN) configuration, and maintenance
  • WINS and DNS design and implementation
  • Virtualization Using HyperV
  • Emergency Support

Windows Server Emergency Support
Our Windows Server Consulting Team provides emergency support and assistance.  Our experts can log on remotely to diagnose and fix just about any problem you may be experiencing. Today’s advanced remote desktop tools, which are included with Microsoft Windows Server OS, allow us to rapidly support Windows Server just as if we were at your place of business. If you are experiencing a major hardware failure that requires a physical presence, our Windows Server Consultants and Network Support Engineers can also provide an on-site presence in many US locations.

A proactive preventative approach to keeping your systems up

Our Managed Services focus is to keep your systems operational and available so that you can focus your efforts on the demands of growing your business, managing costs and increasing revenues. With our Managed IT Services, we provide your business with our highest level of support consisting of a flat fee annual support agreement. The plans below offer complete maintenance and Network Monitoring of yourexisting IT infrastructure and technical support for all of your staff.  We optionally offer project hours for improvements to the IT infrastructure.  Our most comprehensive plan includes Virtual CIO services.

Why is Outsourced IT More Cost Effective?
With a long-term, flat-fee structure we are no longer concerned about time because we are motivated to make your environment as stable as possible over the long-term. Second, it offers a very predictable cost structure.  Finally, there is a built-in IT strategy element which ensures you are getting the most out of your IT dollars.

In today's economic climate, companies are focusing on the inefficiency of their small in-house IT departments, which are usually under-utilized and poorly managed. e the expertise and cutting edge tools to manage your IT department professionally and at a lower cost so that you can focus on your business. With IT outsourcing, you get better support, lower IT costs, improved reliability, and more productivity from your employees.

Vtesta Consultants Rochester Computer support services's Microsoft-certified consultants have extensive experience troubleshooting complex Active Directory issues such as replication problems, multi-domain partition configurations, corrupted AD objects, clean-up of legacy beta software configuration objects in production AD environment, and repair of failed installations of AD and AD-integrated applications. Vtesta Consultants Rochester Computer support services is also skilled in using “expert only” AD tools such as ADSIEDIT, NTDSUTIL, DCDIAG and NETDIAG. 

Operations Infrastructure
At its core, the Windows Server platform is designed to deliver simplicity, automation and flexibility in the data center and across the IT environment. By focusing on server consolidation, increased server utilization and the automation of core management tasks. the platform is proven to increase IT efficiency by as much as thirty percent. By delivering major advancements to simplify management, small businesses with limited IT resources as well as enterprise customers with complex operational needs can take advantage of these efficiencies.

Security Infrastructure 
Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server is an advanced packet and application-layer inspection firewall, virtual private network (VPN) and Web cache solution that enables enterprise customers to easily maximize existing IT investments by improving network security and performance. ISA Server provides advanced protection, ease of use and fast, secure access for all types of networks, while also making it easier to interoperate with line-of-business applications already in place in your IT organization

DNS Design
Windows Server System is focused on integration and interoperability. Consequently, it strives to provide the highest level of dependability, performance and productivity for application development. Microsoft DNS Services provides reliable domain name services as a native windows service. The service may be configured to operate in integrated mode or file based mode. Vtesta Consultants Rochester Computer support services's complete design services including service configuration and dns records appropriate for any organization. We also provide on-site and remote administration. We can perform record maintenance, operations automation and backups.

Collaboration Infrastructure 
Windows Server System helps unlock previously isolated information, increase the speed and effectiveness of collaboration and empowers information workers to make more informed decisions quickly. It has an integrated and interoperable infrastructure designed to maximize the productivity of information workers, with a focus on integration through common architecture.




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Our Mission

At Fix My PC, our mission is to provide quality value based expertise, to provide one of a kind scientific diagnostics using state of the art equipment, to provide repair services using high end technologies, and to help bridge the digital divide.



1379 West Ridge Rd. Rochester, NY 14615 585-473-3757

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If you would like to talk to the Computer Muppet Guru just call and ask to speak to the Muppet. He loves to give free advice!

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Did You Know?

Fix My PC is a locally ownedcomputer and electronic repair facility.

You are neighbors with Fix My PC if you live in the surrounding area of Rochester and Monroe County, NY.

When you come to Fix My PC, you help improve your local economy and not an economy overseas.

At Fix My PC, we care about the repairs we provide. Whenever and as often as possible, our owners personally inspect each and every job we do!Rochester - Computer Repair


Fix My PC Guiding Principles


Our certified experts at Fix My PC maintain their knowledge through ongoing extensive industry research and testing of current as well as future trends in computers and electronics.


Your trust is important to us as we provide you with scientific diagnostics using state of the art equipment, personalized repair service using special high end technologies, and educated recommendations to reduce future risks.


Intelligent discussion, not high-pressure sales, is our tool to help give you the best value and return on investment for your repair service.


Fix My PC technical experts collectively have provided decades of experience in IT service and repair for commercial businesses, organizations, and other industry giants in the auto, construction, education, finance, Fortune 500, government, health care, manufacturing, real estate, telecommunication industry as well as other various industries.


Fix My PC offers choices in custom solutions designed to fit your needs with a comprehensive line of services and support options for all your computer and electronic repairs.

What Sets Fix My PC Apart From Others?

*We are a full " In- House" service center.

*We provide quick computer repair service and upgrades.

*e 100+ certifications decades of experience and expertise.

*e a culture that is felt immediately where you get a sense of real repair service and not commercial sales.

*We are more interested in maintaining your existing machines or finding custom solutions for upgrades as needed rather than out right selling new systems.

*We prefer to consult with you to figure out your exact needs and offer objective suggestions reflecting our extensive knowledge from decades of experience.

Important Advice

Before You Choose A Repair Technician

*Ask for proof of qualifications ! (Ask your repair person to show you why they are qualified to service your item).

*Ask for proof of certifications! (There are hundreds of repair shops who have no certifications nor do they have any right to service your item). At Fix My PC, e over 150 lifetime certifications to back up the comprehensive line of services and support option offered; and e serviced hundreds of items just like yours.

*Ask for proof of at least three previous repair jobs they have completed.

*Ask for proof of at least three references with phone numbers and call at least one for authenticity.

Before You Pay Anyone

*Again, ASK FOR CERTIFICATIONS & PLEASE TAKE HEED TO OUR ADVICE! ( Do not let an unqualified and uncertified person who may have failed at everything else in life service your item. Without credentials, they can pose a high risk of to your item).

*Ask, DO THEY HAVE A PUBLIC SERVICE CENTER? Fix My PC service center is located at 1379 WEST RIDGE ROAD (WE ARE MOVING TO A NEW LOCATION DECEMBER 31st. It is 1379 Wets Ridge Road across from Home Depot). We offer 24/7 call support. ( It is never a good idea to go to a house, basement, or garage of someone who claim to be a repair man. Why put yourself at risk of danger, scam, and liability?)..

*GET A written CONTRACT with a price quote and PROOF they are a LEGAL BUSINESS ( Tax ID Number).

Without the above items and practices, You have no legal obligation to pay them.


You BECOME the employer and you can be found responsible for any injuries or loses they suffer while working on your electronics.

Thats Right!

For example, if they simply fall on your front walk you are responsible. If they so much as cut their finger and need stickes the same rules apply.


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