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If your Ipad has a cracked screen Rochester Fix My PC can fix it the same day.

Stop on by…no appointment necessary!


iPhone & iPad Repairs

fixmypcrochester iPod Repairs
Batteries from $29
Available Mon-Sat CALL 585-473-3757
iPad & iPhones Repaired
fixmypcrochester iPod Repairs

Broken iPad in Rochester-New-York? Need of a professional Rochester-New-York iPad repair service? The guys at has your back. is owned and operated by the Rochester Fix MY PC on West Ridge Road 473-3757. The nation’s trusted name in broken, cracked or water damaged Rochester-New-York iPad repair servicesRochester-New-York area residents now you can save time, money, and the headaches of getting your damaged Apple iPad fixed by other “Rochester-New-York iPad repair centers”.


Discount Rochester-New-York iPad Screen Repair Service

Here at we are renowned for our LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE on all iPad 1 and iPad 2 Glass Screen repair prices, and the soon to be released iPad 3 or iPad HD. Whether you have a cracked iPad 1 screen repair, broken iPad 2 screen repair, water damaged iPad repairs, home button not working our iPad repair technicians can fix pretty much any iPad problem.

iPad Repair Service Prices:

  • iPad 2 Digitizer Screen Repair – $169.00
  • iPad 1 Digitizer Screen Repair – $155.00
  • iPad 2 LCD Screen Replacement – $145.00
  • iPad 1 LCD Screen Replacement – $135.00
  • iPad 2 Home Button Repair – $75.00
  • iPad 1 Home Button Replacement – $60.00
  • iPad 2 Water Damage Repair – $85.00
  • iPad 1 Water Damage Repair – $85.00


Other iPhone Repair Services Available:

iPhone 3G Screen Repair

iPhone 3Gs Screen Repairs

iPhone 4 Glass Repairs

iPhone 5 Screen Replacement

iPhone Water Damage Repair


If you have a broken iPad 2, please select below to see all available repairs.  We offer the lowest prices on iPad repair, with free UPS shipping included in the price.

Be warned if your ipad screen is cracked watch out for places who repair these ipad screens with non genuine parts. They are cheaper but you will notice the difference. Genuine screens are much more exspensive than the cheap Chinese parts that most of the other service centers use.

CAUTION: Genuine replacement screens also contain a material commonly known as “Gorilla Glass” that's resistant to breakage and scratching. Non-genuine iPhone screens look and feel identical but are not constructed from this material and so may be less resistant to damage. For these reasons, the genuine screen is more expensive.

Fix My PC Service for Ipad repair uses genuine Apple screen at a competitive price but we also provide the option of a "high-grade" non-genuine component at a lower price-point. These are an excellent value alternative if your iPhone is out of warranty. But keep in mind that some repairers also offer "low-grade" screens as a third and very cheap option. These are known to scratch easily and we do not stock this grade of screen.

Fix My PC Rochester used only the highest quality replacment screens on Ipads.

Accurate & Detailed


Upon arrival at FIX MY PC ROCHESTER IPAD SERVICES, your Ipad will go through a complete diagnostic performed by one of our certified technicians. Once your diagnostic is complete, a service advisor will contact you with the results of the diagnostic along with options on getting your IPAD repaired.

Flexible Options

Some issues may only be cosmetic and not vital to the proper function of your IPAD. You decide which repairs to approve. No work is performed until you approve the repair.

Free With Any Approved Repair

Our complete diagnostic is free with any service or with any approved repair.

Cracked Screen. No Video. No Backlight. These can all be signs of a bad display.


IPAD Screens
Replace a cracked or damaged display with a brand new screen.
Screens come with our exclusive Zero Dead Pixel Policy.
Every Pixel Counts

We believe your new screen should be perfect, that's why FIX MY PC IN ROCHESTER has the best pixel policy in the industry.
If any pixels fail within the screen's warranty, Rochester Fix My PC 585-473-3757 will replace the screen.

Common Symptoms

Quality Screens & Easy Service

FIX MY PC Service uses only new screens. All screens carry a 1 year warranty against defects. Screen replacements are usually completed the as fast as possible.

* If you decide to decline service once your laptop arrives at FIX MY PC, there is a $29 decline fee.

24 hour service is the average time once it arrives. Turnaround times may be longer for certain repairs or in the unlikely event that parts are not in stock.

What tools do I need to do an iPad 2 Screen Replacement?


The first and most important tool you will need is a "Metal Spudger" or "iPad Metal Opening Tool". These tools are made specifically for prying open your old glass touchscreen of your iPad and for certain models of the iPod Touch. This tool comes with the iPad 2 Screen Replacement Kit or can be purchased separately here. The second tool needed is a Plastic Opening Tool that is used for handling the metal retaining clips and can also be used to pry open the glass touchscreen. The last tool needed for the iPad 2 Screen Repair is a Phillips #00 Screwdriver. This can be found at many hardware stores or purchased as part of our iPad 2 Screen Replacement Kit.

iPad 2 Screen Repair – Step by Step Instructions

Step 1 – Eye Protection

The first thing you will need to do as you begin your repair is to find a good pair of safety glasses for the repair. Sometimes pieces of glass will shatter and fly towards your face. It is imperative that you keep your eyes and hands safe during any type of glass repair for an iPad or an iPhone. After you've found a good pair of protective eye ware, make sure you also wear some gloves to protect your hands from the small glass shards that may come loose during the glass removal process.

Step 2 – Screen/Glass Removal

To begin your iPad 2 Screen Repair, start with an iPad Metal Opening Tool and gently pry up under the glass near the edge of the iPad. Be sure to keep the plastic frame that surrounds the glass intact. As you go around the outside edge of the iPad 2, discard of any loose pieces of glass that may break off.

There are 2 dangerous parts of the glass removal that you'll want to watch out for as you separate the glass from the frame!

1. At the bottom of the iPad 2, and to the right of the home button, you'll find a very fragile wifi antennae that is secured to the backside of the glass using a separate adhesive strip. You'll want to separate this antennae from the glass using a razor blade before lifting up on the glass panel at the end.

2. At the top right corner of the iPad 2, below the power button and extending down next to the volume buttons is a ribbon cable that sits in between the iPad frame and the glass resting on top of it. You'll want to slow down the repair here and make sure that every piece of glass you pry up is small enough that you are confident you won't be damaging any ribbon cables. Don't just stick in a razor blade and start sawing away at the adhesive, you will cut the ribbon cord that connects to the power/volume/mute buttons.

Step 3 – Prep the Replacement iPad 2 Screen

After you've fully removed the broken glass screen of your iPad 2, you're ready to start installing the new iPad 2 screen, but first make sure that there aren't any small pieces of glass that are still stuck to the metal frame. There are a few parts that you need to take off of the old glass screen and install on the new iPad 2 screen.

1. Attached to the backside of the glass, directly behind the home button, is the home button assembly. You will want to use your razor blade to get under both sides of the metal bridge that extends over the backside of the home button. Once you've successfully removed the bridge, you will then be able to easily remove the home button for install on the new iPad screen. *Note: you'll want to take note of exactly how the home button assembly fits together on the old screen, then install it on the new screen in the same way.


2. Directly behind the front facing camera of the iPad 2 is a small metal frame that surrounds the camera hole and is attached to backside of the glass. You'll be able to see exactly how it aligns to the old screen, you can then install it on the new iPad 2 screen replacement. It should already have plenty of adhesive on it.

3. Finally, after steps one and two are completed, you can begin placing the prefabricated adhesive strips along the outer edges of the replacement iPad 2 screen.

Once these 3 steps have been completed, your prepped iPad 2 Screen should look like the picture on the right.


Yes, broken iPads can be fixed!

Cracked glass:

Yes, we even can repair the screen on your broken iPad! it takes a few days to a week unless you pre pay, and we charge around $149 for original iPad and $179 for iPad 2 OR LATER. prices subject to change.

Liquid damage:

Did you drop your iPad in the sink or spill something on it? We can fix it! Typical charges are about $180 to get your iPad working again.

Battery upgrade:

If your ipad is not lasting that long between charges, or just want a little more usage time, then you need a new battery! For this little number we charge $149.


Is your iPad crashing too much or having other problems? Want to use 3rd party programs and games? Then give us a call and we'll hack away! $119

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Alternatively, there could be different causes of your iPad problems. If you experience defaults in your iPad operations, it does not mean that you need to seek iPad repair service. Some reasons and causes can lead to this situation. It means that you can be able to bring the device back to normal with a few simple remedies. Trouble shooting the iPad is one of the best ways of restoring it when it is facing problem.

Do you have a Mac or a PC?
Mac Repair fixmypcrochester
Computer Repair fixmypcrochester

As a full service center, Fix My PC provides quality computer repairs and services to the Rochester, NY community. With years of experience, our certified technicians are always here to help with any and all computer services and repairs. We pride ourselves on providing expertise, value, and convenient solutions. At Fix My PC quite simply, we aim to please for all your computer needs.

Services Include:
Business solutions: Camera & Surveillance systems installs, Networking, POS, Web Development
Remote Access Service
Computer & Laptop Hardware & Software Repair
Virus & Spyware removal
Data Recovery Services
Apple Mac Repair: Ipad, Mac Notebook
Game Station console repair: Xbox, PS3, Wii
HDTV Repair
As well as anything to do with electronics; just call and ask!

Walk-in OK. DROP and PICK- UP services available.
We offer daily drop offs at our service center as well as as fast as possible turn-around service ( Special Rates Apply). Contact Fix My PC today at 585-473-3757, or browse the website for more information about our products and services.
Please Note: Fix My PC has moved to
1379 West Ridge Road.


Happy New Years!

  Computer-Laptop Repair Computer Repair fixmypcrochester
  Mac & PC Repairs
  Certified Technicians
  Free Diagnostics


  Data Recovery fixmypcrochester Data Recovery
  Emergency Service
  Free Evaluation
  No Recovery - No Fee


  Sell Your Electronics IT Consultants fixmypcrochester
  We buy iPads, iPhones, Laptops
  Blackberries, Smartphones & More
  Cash Paid On The Spot


Rentals Laptop Rental fixmypcrochester
One day rentals from $49
Mac & PC Rentals
Rental during repair


Laptop Clearance Cheap Laptops

PCs' starting at $129

Laptops starting at $189

Macbooks starting at $399
Wireless & Warranty Included


iPhone & iPad Repairs fixmypcrochester iPod Repairs
Batteries from $29
Available Mon-Fri
iPad & iPhones Repaired
fixmypcrochester iPod Repairs Data Recovery fixmypcrochester

Computer Repair fixmypcrochester


Store Hours - Walk-ins Welcome!

Rochester Fix My PC Computers Store Hours
Monday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Saturday 10:00PM - 5:00PM

on call 24 7 for emergency service at 585-473-3757


At Fix My PC Rochester, If it has a plug we fix it!





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Our Mission

At Fix My PC, our mission is to provide quality value based expertise, to provide one of a kind scientific diagnostics using state of the art equipment, to provide repair services using high end technologies, and to help bridge the digital divide.

1379 West Ridge Rd. Rochester, NY 14615 585-473-3757

Rochester - Computer Repair

Did You Know?

Fix My PC is a locally ownedcomputer and electronic repair facility.

You are neighbors with Fix My PC if you live in the surrounding area of Rochester and Monroe County, NY.

When you come to Fix My PC, you help improve your local economy and not an economy overseas.

At Fix My PC, we care about the repairs we provide. Whenever and as often as possible, our owners personally inspect each and every job we do!Rochester - Computer Repair


Fix My PC Guiding Principles


Our certified experts at Fix My PC maintain their knowledge through ongoing extensive industry research and testing of current as well as future trends in computers and electronics.


Your trust is important to us as we provide you with scientific diagnostics using state of the art equipment, personalized repair service using special high end technologies, and educated recommendations to reduce future risks.


Intelligent discussion, not high-pressure sales, is our tool to help give you the best value and return on investment for your repair service.


Fix My PC technical experts collectively have provided decades of experience in IT service and repair for commercial businesses, organizations, and other industry giants in the auto, construction, education, finance, Fortune 500, government, health care, manufacturing, real estate, telecommunication industry as well as other various industries.


Fix My PC offers choices in custom solutions designed to fit your needs with a comprehensive line of services and support options for all your computer and electronic repairs.

What Sets Fix My PC Apart From Others?

*We are a full " In- House" service center.

*We provide quick computer repair service and upgrades.

*e 100+ certifications decades of experience and expertise.

*e a culture that is felt immediately where you get a sense of real repair service and not commercial sales.

*We are more interested in maintaining your existing machines or finding custom solutions for upgrades as needed rather than out right selling new systems.

*We prefer to consult with you to figure out your exact needs and offer objective suggestions reflecting our extensive knowledge from decades of experience.

Important Advice

Before You Choose A Repair Technician

*Ask for proof of qualifications ! (Ask your repair person to show you why they are qualified to service your item).

*Ask for proof of certifications! (There are hundreds of repair shops who have no certifications nor do they have any right to service your item). At Fix My PC, e over 150 lifetime certifications to back up the comprehensive line of services and support option offered; and e serviced hundreds of items just like yours.

*Ask for proof of at least three previous repair jobs they have completed.

*Ask for proof of at least three references with phone numbers and call at least one for authenticity.

Before You Pay Anyone

*Again, ASK FOR CERTIFICATIONS & PLEASE TAKE HEED TO OUR ADVICE! ( Do not let an unqualified and uncertified person who may have failed at everything else in life service your item. Without credentials, they can pose a high risk of to your item).

*Ask, DO THEY HAVE A PUBLIC SERVICE CENTER? Fix My PC service center is located at 1379 WEST RIDGE ROAD (WE ARE MOVING TO A NEW LOCATION DECEMBER 31st. It is 1379 Wets Ridge Road across from Home Depot). We offer 24/7 call support. ( It is never a good idea to go to a house, basement, or garage of someone who claim to be a repair man. Why put yourself at risk of danger, scam, and liability?)..

*GET A written CONTRACT with a price quote and PROOF they are a LEGAL BUSINESS ( Tax ID Number).

Without the above items and practices, You have no legal obligation to pay them.


You BECOME the employer and you can be found responsible for any injuries or loses they suffer while working on your electronics.

Thats Right!

For example, if they simply fall on your front walk you are responsible. If they so much as cut their finger and need stickes the same rules apply.