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We specialize on repairing TVs of all brands for LCD, LED, DLP and Plasma Televisions. e the best and most economical charges for repairand we offer the best warranty possible on all repairs.
We also recycle TVs with broken screens, too many TVs find themselves in the landfills overflowing with E-Waste. We recycle 100% of the Televisions and there's no fee for disposal.


All Makes all Brands at a fraction of the cost of the big boys



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HDTV Repair Service


ROCHESTER FIX MY HDTV, A DIVISION OF ROCHESTER FIX MY PC, performs repairs both under manufacturers' warranty and post warranty. We specialize in repairing TVs of all brands for LCD, LED, DLP and Plasma Televisions as well as computer monitors (not just PC’s & laptops). FIX MY PC TV technicians are experienced in all kinds of service and repair. Call 473-3757 today for appointment.

Common Types of HDTV's We Service:



* Plasma HDTV's

* DLP Projection HDTV's

* Computer Monitors

Common Repair Symptoms:

* Does not turn on

* Power, No Video

* Audio, No Video

* Distorted Video

* Red Flashing/ Blinking Lights

* Broken Panel/ Screens

Too many Televisions find themselves in the landfills overflowing with E-Waste. Fix My PC recycle unwanted and unusable HDTVs such as HDTVs with broken screens. We also recycle 100% of the Televisions and there's no fee for disposal. At Fix My PC, we offer new and re-conditioned HDTVs for sale. Call 585-473-3757 for today's specials.




Funai might not be a household name because it’s the brand behind other brands, mainly lower-priced labels such as Emerson, Sylvania, and Symphonic, that tend to be sold at mass-market stores, such as Wal-Mart. Funai recently acquired the rights to two longtime TV brands, Philips and Magnavox, in the U.S. and Canada (Philips will no longer be making and selling its own sets here). It’s possible that Funai will use those brands, particularly Philips, to gain entry into retailers that don’t carry its other brands.

Established in America in year 1999. Today, it a tier one brand that competitive with Panasonic, LG and Samsung for electrical appliances. Their LCD TV products range from low-end to high-end for all sizes.

After forays into rear-projection and plasma, Hewlett-Packard—often known as HP—now sells LCD TVs exclusively. Leveraging its PC heritage, the company is in the forefront of TV interactivity, offering models with MediaPC capability and Internet connectivity.

Hitachi, at one time a leading rear-projection TV manufacturer, now focuses exclusively on flat-panel HDTVs. The company has been strong in plasmas, sometimes offering unusual sizes (such as a 55-inch screen) and resolutions (1024×1080). It previously had a limited LCD line, but it is making a strong push into LCDs with a line of ultra-thin 1.5-inch-deep LCD TVs.

Insignia, Best Buy’s electronics house brand for LCD TV and Plasma TV, is exclusively sold by the retailer. Insignia TVs, which are made overseas by contract manufacturers, are positioned as a “value” line offering more features for the price than better-known makes.

The company’s LCD sets are typically positioned in the mid-to-upper price range. JVC recently signed a deal with Funai to jointly develop and produce LCD TVs. It recently exited the LCoS rear-projector microdisplay business, but continues to make LCoS-based front projectors for the consumer and professional markets. JVC is in the process of merging with Kenwood, a consumer electronics company known largely for car audio products.

LG Electronics
LG is a growing force in the plasma and LCD categories, remember the Scarlet line? Often, the company offers the largest screen sizes available for each type. The company’s newer TVs have had a strong design focus. LG sets typically sell in the mid- and upper price brackets.

In LCD TV, Mitsubishi is positioning its sets as a premium line with step-up features (all models are 120Hz, 1080p sets, for example) and ultra-slim bezels for select dealers. The company’s flagship line is the Diamond series. Mitsubishi is one of two major brands (the other is Samsung) still actively selling rear-projection micro-display (DLP) TVs. It is promoting models with 3D technology, and this year will introduce the first set (dubbed Laser Vue) using a laser as a backlight. In the front projector market, it has competitively priced 3LCD-based high-definition (720p and 1080p) models.

Olevia, previously named Syntax-Brillian, recently sold its LCoS rear-projection TV business to focus on LCD TV market. It has three distinct lines of LCD TVs: very basic sets value-priced compared with the competition, a step-up series line, and a flagship series that includes additional features.

Panasonic is the market leader in plasma TVs (Panasonic is major plasma TV manufacturer), with an extensive line of sets ranging from 37 inches to 58 inches. Plasma sets are usually competitively priced and are widely available, including at CostCo. The company is also expanding its assortment of LCD TVs this year. Its apparent strategy is to offer LCDs in smaller (37 inches or less) screen sizes that won’t compete with its plasma TV lines. Panasonic is getting out of the rear-projection market, selling off its existing inventory, to focus primarily on flat-panel TVs, which carry the Viera brand. It also sells 3LCD front projectors.

Philips, which exited the plasma business to focus on LCD models, recently announced that it will be licensing its Philips and Magnavox brands to Funai for use in the U.S. and Canadian markets. As a result, Philips- and Magnavox-brand LCD TVs will be made and sold by Funai, which also controls the Emerson, Sylvania, and Symphonic brands. Philips had used the Magnavox brand for its entry-level products aimed at mass-market retailers.

Plasma stalwart Pioneer has consistently targeted consumers willing to pay more for a “prestige” label, particularly with its higher-priced Elite-brand series. The company offers a line of performance-oriented Kuro plasmas, which are typically priced much higher than its competition. The company recently announced that it would no longer make its own plasma panels but would instead source them from Panasonic (though it will continue to apply its other proprietary technologies to the TVs). In addition, a recent investment in the company by Sharp could result in the first Pioneer-branded LCDs.

Polaroid is a value brand that is often among the lowest-priced sets of its type and size. Polaroid’s TV presence in the U.S. has expanded thanks to increased shelf space at Circuit City and Wal-Mart. Polaroid TVs are made overseas, primarily in China and Taiwan, by contract manufacturers. The Polaroid brand was acquired in 2005 by a former U.S. licensee, Petters Group, which had previously used the brand for TVs and DVD players.

Samsung is a top-tier manufacturer in every category in which it participates, and is one of two major brands—the other is Mitsubishi—still making rear-projection microdisplay (DLP) HDTVs. Samsung is often an innovator, as with its use of LED backlighting in rear-projection and LCD TVs, and 3D capability in rear-projection and plasma TVs. Samsung has value-priced and premium lines.

Sanyo’s focus is largely on LCDs TVs and front projectors, though it still has one plasma model. Its flat-panel TVs are sold primarily through Wal-Mart, typically at lower prices than sets from first-tier manufacturers. In front projectors, the company’s 3LCD models compete with entry-level HD models from companies such as Epson, Panasonic, and Optoma.

Sharp is a force in LCDs and has been at it longer than almost any other manufacturer. The company sells its TVs under the Aquos brand. It has one of the most advanced LCD panel manufacturing plants in the world and is often an innovator. Like many other major brands, its lines are segmented into several different series. Some of Sharp’s biggest, most innovative sets are pricey; others are competitively priced. The company recently took a stake in Pioneer; the benefits to Sharp are likely to be audio related.

Sony is a powerhouse LCD TV manufacturer with one of the most extensive product lines of LCD sets, which are sold under the Bravia name. There are several distinct Bravia lines with varying levels of features and quality; most are mid- to high-priced, and its flagship XBR-series models are generally the most expensive of their type. Sony recently started offering a low-priced line for mass merchants such as Target and Wal-Mart. Sony has exited the rear-projection microdisplay business (LCoS), but continues to make front projectors for the consumer and professional markets.

Toshiba, which sells LCDs under the Regza label, has some sets that emphasize value, with features comparable to those of other major brands, but generally at lower prices. Its Cinema Series models are higher priced and loaded with features. The company, which makes LCD TVs in a large range of sizes, has a new line with very thin bezels, allowing a larger screen size to be used in a smaller physical space.

From its humble start just a few years ago as a warehouse-only brand, Vizio has emerged to become a top-tier TV brand whose sets are now also available in Wal-Mart and in some Circuit City and Sears stores. Vizio TVs, which are made overseas by contract manufacturers, are generally sold at very low prices compared with more established names, but the company has announced some new models that will carry higher prices and some step-up features.

Westinghouse Digital, which licensed the venerable brand from Westinghouse Electric, has emerged as a lower-priced alternative to more established LCD brands. It has typically been among the first to offer step-up features such as 1080p resolution at lower prices than its competitors.

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*GET A written CONTRACT with a price quote and PROOF they are a LEGAL BUSINESS ( Tax ID Number).

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